#OurSTEAMCafe Blog

Mrs. Shields built a school community space during the 2014-2015 school year. The space has been termed OurSTEAMCafe and continues to develop during the current school year. Science, Technology, Engineering,
Arts and Math were the focus. And collaboration and exploration were the goals. As the area has continued to develop, Mrs. Shields has occasionally updated a blog, http://www.oursteamcafe.com to share ideas. Hopefully, you fill find something to assist in your own makerspace/community/learning spaces journies.

Professional Blog

Mrs. Shields periodically writes a blog hosted at http://jeannineshields.blogspot.com/.  As thoughts are sparked at conferences thoughts may develop into blog posts.  Be it a summary of notes, a thought to share, a new tool learned, or a review of a conference experience.  Hope you find some of my writings of interest to you.  

SeeSaw Blog

In an effort to showcase the work that takes place in #OurSTEAMCafe, Mrs. Shields shares photos and updates to a SeeSaw blog. You can visit that site here:


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Mrs. Shields in Legos

This is a creative expression of Mrs. Shields as interpreted through Legos.