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It is a pleasure to spend my days providing Instructional Technology resources, advice, and assistance to staff, students and administration in a local school district here in New Rochelle, New York.  Every day is a new adventure and a new chance to make a difference in educational technology.  It is a joy working with the staff that I am assigned to support.  Feedback from those in my building and from my extended PLN encourages me to be increasingly learning independently.  I enjoy the challenge of finding new resources, solving problems, and providing content-rich engaging learning opportunities for students and teachers.
In previous years, I discovered the learning theories of #makermovement, #STEAMEdu, #unconference, and #flexibleseating. These ideas swirled and brewed in my brain. With support from administration, I created a community area in our elementary school. It is a place for us to explore the combined transdisciplinary approaches of learning. Our Cafe is a Community Area Focused on Education. It serves as part staff lounge, professional development area, makerspace, and instructional area for transdisciplinary education.

To Continue the Conversation

 To continue the conversation, please feel free to contact Mrs. Shields 
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